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February 2020 - Linking Broadcast Traffic Systems with the FreeWheel Platform.

Integrating Linear and Digital campaigns.

Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS), a global provider of Advertising Sales and Channel Management applications, announces the availability of a two-way API integration with FreeWheel, delivering end-to-end digital media automation. The pairing of BTS, with FreeWheel empowers broadcasters and therefore agencies to streamline the reconciliation, billing and collections for their services.

Benefits include:

- Improving cash flow by distributing invoices on time and collecting client payments faster.

- Accessing the single source of truth on campaign data.

- Minimising financial risk by tracking billing information from the beginning of campaigns and ensuring that it is accurate at the end.

- Saving time for media professionals and accounting teams by eliminating data-entry steps such as tracking and updating campaign data. The interface uses a two-way exchange of data.

- Consolidating digital and traditional media bookings, billing and payments data in one system.

- Strengthening relationships with vendors, with faster payments when campaigns are reconciled.

“With the advertising industry complexity increasing, it’s critical that software companies automate as much of the processes as possible,” said Gareth Hughes, Projects Director at BTS. “The FreeWheel integration with BTS is a huge first step in marrying platforms for traditional media and digital media, so agencies can focus on value-added work. BTS helps increase productivity and the FreeWheel / BTS integration will automate most of the back-office and financial reconciliation work associated with digital advertising.”

About BTS

BTS specialises in the development and provision of traffic management software for the broadcast industry. The applications allow software delivery and support with standard browser interfaces, scalable for single and multi-channel operations. Using standard technology, BTS can offer high quality solutions at cost-effective prices. BTS has extensive experience in broadcasting that enables the company to produce solutions that cover all key areas including programme asset management, scheduling, media management, traffic and advertising sales. BTS has clients throughout the world including major customers such as Viacom, Discovery and Bloomberg.