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November 2020 - Continuity during the year of the pandemic

Business coping with COVID-19

As most of the world remains in intermittent lockdown and travel limited throughout 2020 and into 2021, BTS has continued to successfully implement, train, upgrade existing sites and take live new sites.

Natalie Hayward, Application Specialist at BTS said, “When we could see COVID starting to gain ground, BTS moved decisively to a 100% remote working model. We had a number of ongoing implementations and had to adapt really quickly.” Hayward added, “It’s worked incredibly. Projects went live on time, remote training works well and if anything, a video call focuses attention much better than spending two weeks on site with the client.” Alex Hammett, Application Specialist added, “The broadcast industry is full of highly professional people who simply made better use of technology to carry on as before.”

As an early decision, BTS moved their software developers to a hybrid Virtual Desktop Infrastructure model. Craig Buckland, Technical Director said “Going to VDI was key and having the technical ability to do it in weeks meant we could spend more time helping our clients adapt to the challenges they were facing.” He continued, “We have the flexibility now to make day by day decisions about who works from where, whether it’s their home office or the main office.”

About BTS

BTS specialises in the development and provision of traffic management software for the broadcast industry. The applications allow software delivery and support with standard browser interfaces, scalable for single and multi-channel operations. Using standard technology, BTS can offer high quality solutions at cost-effective prices. BTS has extensive experience in broadcasting that enables the company to produce solutions that cover all key areas including programme asset management, scheduling, media management, traffic and advertising sales. BTS has clients throughout the world including major customers such as Viacom, Discovery and Bloomberg.